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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I place an order & what delivery options do you have?
You can click "order now" at any time to place an order for pickup or delivery. You can also order delivery directly through the Toast Delivery or Favor Delivery apps. Please note - if you are trying to place an order for pickup, please place the order online rather than calling. We are a small team and this helps us prioritize getting your order out as fast as possible! 

Do you have gluten free options?
Yes! Most pizzas can be made gluten free by upgrading to gluten free crust, while others need a few modifications. Be sure to tell your server so they can walk you through any questions you have.

Do you have nut free cheese?
Yes. The parmesan and feta are nut free cheeses. We take allergies very seriously and want to reiterate there is always a risk of cross contamination as we use pecans, almonds, and walnuts throughout our menu. 

Do you have soy free options?
Yes. Please talk to your server or email us at and we can answer any allergen questions you have.

What is your favorite/most popular pizza?
The Potato Leek remains the reigning champ!
Our staff picks: Landon - the Kimchi, Marcos - the Margherita, Jennifer - the Verde